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MegaCone Muffler


MegaCone Muffler

from 225.00

Handmade and fully TIG welded by us. Fiberglass packed and slip-on options for various sizes. All american material, this is a nice addition to any modern or vintage machine. 

Slip-On Option:

With this muffler, you can slip it onto your existing exhaust depending on what OD (outside diameter) it is. If you choose a slip on option below, you will base it off the OD from the end of your header so we can assure your slip fit will be precise. If you choose "none" then you will get it exactly pictured with the 2" inlet.

•100% 304 Stainless steel.

•Segmented sectional tip.

•Resonated, fiberglass packed.

•Slip on option.

•2" standard inlet. 

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