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Diamond Grips


Diamond Grips


A lot of riders prefer drastic modifications, such as pipes, handlebars, and so on, but it's getting down to the fine details that make the bike "yours".

This isn't your traditional grip in terms of material and the manufacturing process. We took this to a new level. A few problems we've had with traditional injection molded grips are that the rubber pattern tends to wear off over time, and they are not resistant to weathering and certain chemicals. So our concern was, how can we create a grip that will last a lifetime and will not wear and tear from everyday use? 

We're the first to introduce this kind of material to the motorcycle world, that's a trade secret so we can't give you the details on that! But we will tell you, it's not rubber and it is chemical resistant to fuels, thinners, acid, etc. Extremely resistant to friction therefore the surface design will never wear out. Yet soft enough to be comfortable everyday. 

Oh and the most unique aspect, it's 3D printed. With a wide range of colors for whatever look you're going for on your bike, these grips are like nothing else.


•Manufactured by extrusion technology. 

•Lifetime Warranty on defects.

•Surface won't degrade over time.

•Brake fluid, gasoline, thinners, won't phase the material.

•Smooth diamond pattern design.

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