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Custom Tire Lettering


Custom Tire Lettering


Any bike, any text up to 10 letters, any tire that has a 1.25" and taller sidewall.

Our urethane tire letters are designed last the lifespan of your tires. Thin enough to have the flexibility to conform with different types of sidewalls and thick enough to have consistent durability.

Extremely high durability since it is both chemically and weather-resistant. It will not crack, harden, absorb moisture, or fade. The letters are held on by an adhesive - anything from super glue to spray glue. We recommend super glue in gel form due to the minimal work time it allows along with quick tacking upon contact. Be sure to wipe your sidewall with acetone where the letters will be applied prior to install. Follow the tire guide we provide and install each letter one by one. Tire guides vary by your rim size so make sure you choose the correct rim size upon checkout.

Letters are made in-house and for custom letters it may take 4-6 business days to complete. All custom work is made-to-order. 



•Urethane material.

•Custom text up to 10 letters with each word.

•From 15"-19" rims.

•Various colors available.

•Complete set for all 4 sides of your tires.

•1.25" height, compatible with more sidewalls.

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